Let's Keep Moving

Help support Pilates Pacifica with the purchase of a T-Shirt!


at checkout and we will receive $11 toward operating costs while we are closed. 

Thank you for your support.


Remember to copy the affiliate code so we get the funds :)

No matter how we try to sugar coat this... with pretty Pilates photos and upbeat social media posts...the truth is that the Pilates and other small fitness studios are going to need a great deal of help to pull through this global pandemic that has touched all of our lives in the past few weeks.

Behind the scenes, Pilates Pacifica has been working hard creating content for home exercise, applying for SBA loans and grants and anxiously awaiting word, as well as dealing with keeping the day-to-day operation costs covered (there is no rent relief or delays of utilities and overhead available to small business owners during this despite the order to be closed).

We are in support of flattening the curve and health and wellness is the forefront of our business model so we are happy to be part of the stay-at-home movement but we also want to be ready to re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

How can you help?  We have joined forces with the Boutique Fitness Coalition and they have set up a way for you to get a great T-shirt and Pilates Pacifica will receive $11 for each purchase and the other portion will help fund other small business like ours!


We will use that money toward rent, utilities, insurance payments and that will guarantee that when our doors open for classes and privates we will not have months of back payments to deal with.  We love the KEEP MOVING spirit and look forward to the studio doors opening soon... in the meantime please consider adding a great T-Shirt to your wardrobe and supporting the studio and our team! 

Keep Moving and we will see you all very soon. xo Michele